Trial Bay

Happy Halloween to everyone at home! We celebrated yesterday with some Halloween candies on the 30nm motorsail from Coffs Harbour to Trial Bay. Along the coast we saw three sets of humpack whales and were visited by dolphins every hour. Wonderful! Trial bay turned out to be a perfect place for Halloween with an old prison out on the … Continue reading Trial Bay

Frustrating Day

This passage has given us a very mixed bag of conditions. Yesterday afternoon's wind blew itself out by 7pm so the engine went back on and has been running ever since. This morning an E swell came up from behind us, but without any wind to help us sail. Frustrating, motoring in lumpy seas. Right … Continue reading Frustrating Day

25 20S, 161 12E

Hello everyone on land! The seas here have started to flatten out a bit and the wind has dropped enough that we are far more comfortable today than yesterday. With the current help we're moving extra fast and have been doing about 8 knots all day. Unfortunately I've had a bad headache since the morning … Continue reading 25 20S, 161 12E